What a week!

Hey guys, it’s been long I know right, anyways thanks for still being here with me.

Can you just pause for a second and thank God. Asinnn…God is great😇🙌mehn…

On this fateful day this week on Wednesday to be precise, I had exactly #300 left with me in school. I was making a plan on how I was going to spend it for that day, the next day and Friday. The plan was #50t-fare to take me home, which leaves me with 250. On Thursday #150-(which included #100t-fare to and fro, and #50 exam docket since it was compulsory) which leaves me with #100😔 I was short of #50 to complete the daily money. Subtracting food money, cuz my ATM card had already been retracted by an ATM in school and I couldn’t do online transactions, so I had to manage what was with me for the mean time till I get my card back the following week. So on that Wednesday afternoon after my physics exam🙇 , I started praying to God for a miracle I was lost in deep thought on my way going home😢😴, thinking of how to get #50, a voice just kept telling me to calm down, I started remembering a picture I saw somewhere😳.

“be still and know that I am God”,….

So I was walking towards the school gate lost in thought😶, gbam! I heard someone calling my name my aunt’s husband 🙌, cuz I stay with my aunt. A free ride home, words could not express how happy I was.

The equation was balanced. Then came Thursday( bio exam day), Muslims had started their fast and i decided i was going to fast this first one with them also. Each day I keep praying to God to just guide and bless me. Then, I got to school with the #250 I had left(I’ve removed the #50 t-fare on coming)… It was time to print my docket, a friend of mine came and said I should please help him print also, that he had no money with him making it #100, I couldn’t say No, what are friends for anyway, so I was left with #150.. Arrrrrggghh😫 what will I do now( you already know), I’m #50 short again.

Then I met with some of my friends after the exams, I just couldn’t ask someone for money, I just knew God was going to do something( always have faith). Then I saw one of them out of nowhere, whom I gave #1000 about a week ago to help me do something which was eventually not possible, so he gave me the money back today.. Glory to God!!!🙌🙌🙌 making it #950 more. I just couldn’t express how happy I was😇.

What a wonderful kinda painful week 😪.Tho I hope something like this never happens to me again😂.
The lesson I feel I learnt is “Always Trust God without a single doubt, no matter how hard it may be or whatever situation you may be in just have faith

Be still and know that he is God

Thanks for Reading ❤.

Ramadan Kareem.

Feel free to tell me your similar experiences.


Can you please stop worrying

What has happened has happened, there’s nothing you can do to change the past. Stop dwelling in the past, and stop dwelling in the façade of the future yet to come, live in the moments where you can do something. My Mom tells me something always “a o le ni pe tori obe ge omo lowo ki a wa ju obe nu” translated in English.”we can’t say because a knife cut a child we should therefore throw the knife away”. The knife is still useful, you can’t let worries get hold of you because of something that has already happened, fine it’s okay to get worried a bit cuz we’re humans, but don’t let it be too much.

Happened to be listening to Adekunle Gold’s song ‘IRE’ you should listen to it also, so I was listening to the song alone, and my spirit clicked. There’s more to life than just worries, there are lots of steps to climb… After climbing the mountain you realize it’s nothing but sand.

Okay fine you’re scared right. Lol. Were all scared of what tomorrow might bring. Let the fear of tomorrow get you to fight today. Why worry about tomorrow, yesterday you were worried about tomorrow which is today, your tomorrow is now. Fight today!.

Like one of my friends told me when I asked her why she was always scared of reading. She said ” I guess the fear makes me read more” Channel the fear into something positive. You forgot to read a book/ do assignment/ attend a meeting that could change your life /not making money/blah blah blah!!! what’s the next step ASAP!!! How can you solve this problems.. if you can or can’t do something it’s left to you. But you always can cuz I know you can.

The person who says I can or I can’t are both usually right.

Ire se ko ko meje, eda mi se a to kun fe se mi ma he kin rin arin danu.

PS:Always remember to pray.


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My Friend

School has been ongoing for a while now and it’s not what I expected but you know that’s normal, I mean it’s a tougher life. I was getting pretty confused and I just decided to check up one of my long time buddies, I told him about about I was feeling and he said

It’s not about them reading 8/9 hours when you’re reading 3hours and you’re sleeping while they’re reading,what matters is as long as you can remember what you’ve read. you just have to take things slowly and keep calm..jeje…everything takes time you’ll get there.

Permanence, Perseverance and Persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements and impossibilities is what distinguishes the Strong from the weak.

And also find friends who give meaning and value to your life, friends who raise not drag you down, a friend who’s always ready to push you beyond your limits, who always sees something different/unique in you. Find that friend. I have friends do you?

Have a great weekend❤

A different level.

I’m going to the university today, I keep saying to myself Now’s not the time to give up. God has brought you this far and after all you’ve went through to get to this point, know that he is still with you. So keep on doing good and trusting him. Don’t grow weary. Your time is coming, and through him, you’re going to make it. And also the words of my mom keeps coming back to my mind “ranti omo eni ti onshé” meaning remember the son of whom you are.

If there’s anything I hate it’s stress just like everyone else, having to wake up early so as not to miss lectures and find space to sit, hopping into buses and sweating, And most of all the long hour lectures, trying to solve questions and assignments.

PS: I’m a science student I’m not even ready for all those advanced physics and others but I just have to be ready, we all have to be ready cuz there’s no time. But all this only makes the saying that success come with a price which is hardwork and perseverance.

But I’m kind off scared tho, you know entering a whole other level. I’m afraid of everything, but maybe when you’re afraid of everything it sort of seems like you’re scared on nothingNatalie Portman. I’ll try to see life as a sparring partner which you should also just to enjoy it. Have a great week.💜

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I’m Finally Here.

Suddenly you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

The first thought of blogging actually crossed my mind back in 2016 cuz I always found myself writing anecdotes, but I was in school so I zeroed my mind on it and decided I was going to face my studies. Later on in 2017, by then I was done in sec.school, so I decided to pursue my blogging career alongside my admission process. I started taking online blogging classes which helped thanks to www.jeffgoinswriter.com and I started telling my friends to anticipate my upcoming blog, some gave me ideas and advice and then I stopped…

I figured I didn’t even have a laptop which was kinda essential, but I was planning on getting so I said until that time I was going to wait till I had, but after weeks of depression 2017 ended without the blog. Then came 2018 and I said to myself just like my mom always tells me when I’m trying to rush things “you don’t build your house in a day it takes time” so I decided I was going to start with my phone and Here I am. Start where you are, New year’s day. Thanks to wordpress for this opportunity.

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